Qualitative and Quantitative Data fruits

Qualitative and Quantitative Data fruits S.R.L.

Is a startup Limited Liability Company in the business intelligence and analytics sector.

Helping customers to better harvest the fruits within their data.


QqDataFruits observes a lot of pains in de application of data integration, consolidation, reporting and analysis in organisations in spite of existing offers in the market provided by system integrators and consultancy service companies. It is still very difficult to identify functionally relevant data, to archive it in an integrated and coherent historically correct format, and to transform it into information useful for decision making and research, this on a global scale, in Europe, in Belgium but also in the hearts of our organisations.

QqDataFruits wants to alleviate or remove those pains by applying a vision formed by many years of experience in the industry of information management and by taking inspiration from the innovative world of the open source community.

QqDataFruits has as goal to make identification and historisation of functional data a cheap automated commodity and to stimulate data-driven management, research and analytics in a moral and legal framework protecting privacy, freedom and democracy.


Bart Debersaques

Owner, Creator, Senior Consultant
Business Intelligence and Analytics

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